lectures for Bachelor and Master students

  • Atoms and Clusters
    Prof. Th. Fennel and Prof. K-H. Meiwes-Broer
    winter term, Thu 9-11 and Fri 11-13, Kl. HS
    seminar: Tatyana Liseykina, Tue 8-9, Kl. HS
  • Experimentalphysik IV
    Prof. K-H. Meiwes-Broer
    summer term, Tue 11-13, HS1 and Thu 9-11, HS2
    seminar: Dr. F. Martinez, Thu 9-11, HS2
    and H. Dobbertin, Thu 9-11, SR1
    Further details and materials
  • Cluster und Nanoteilchen im Strahlungsfeld
    Prof. K-H. Meiwes-Broer, PD J. Tiggesbäumker
    summer term, Tue 13-15, SR 1

lectures for students of educational science and other faculties

laboratory projects

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