Graduate School of the Institute of Physics

with PhD colloquium

Calendar - Winter Semester 2018/2019

Thursday, 04.10.2018 15:00 (SR1)
CP Violation at LHCb
Nis Meinert (Particly Physics)

Thursday, 06.12.2018 15:00 (HS1)
Fe lidar observations in the polar mesopause region
Raimund Wörl (IAP)

Thursday, 20.12.2018 14:00 (SR Didaktik)
Climatologies and long-term changes of mesospheric wind measurements based on radar observations
Sven Wilhelm (IAP)

Thursday, 10.01.2019 15:00 (HS1)
Time-resolved spectroscopy on iron based photosensitizers
Ayla Päpcke (Dynamics of Molecular Systems)

Thursday, 24.01.2019 15:00 (HS1)
Gravity Wave Propagation in the Wintertime Atmosphere
Lena Schoon (IAP)

Thursday, 31.01.2019 15:00 (HS1)
Björn Kruse (Theoretical Cluster Physics)

Thursday, 07.02.2019 15:00 (SR1)
Gilbert Grell (Molecular Quantum Dynamics)