Graduate School of the Institute of Physics

with PhD colloquium

Introducing the Graduate School

The Graduate School of the Institute of Physics has the task of ensuring a high scientific level in doctoral training and, at the same time, to make the doctoral period more effective and to promote independence and competence in the field of scientific project management. In order to achieve these goals, the Graduate School includes the following key points:

PhD seminar

The colloquium takes place on a weekly basis. You can find an overview of the lectures at the doctoral colloquium under the menu item Courses, seminars and lectures.

In the colloquium, doctoral students have the opportunity to present their dissertation topic and discuss it with other doctoral students. Within the first half of the year, each student should give a short lecture on the topic environment and an overview of the task to be worked on.

At the beginning of the second half of the doctoral period, a status lecture with the first results of the doctoral thesis should be presented at the doctoral colloquium.

Evening event

The evening events serve the social interaction between the doctoral students and can be used for exchange of experience and skill sharing.


Once a year, a two-day workshop will take place outside Rostock, organised by the colligiates themselves. The programme will present their own work and topics relevant to the doctoral candidates. There is also the possibility of inviting additional external speakers. Thematic and organisational proposals can be addressed to the speakers of the Graduate School at any time. The programme and details of the workshop can be found (in due time) under the menu item Workshop.


Each member will receive a certificate that documents the achievements within the Graduate School. The certificate will contain the presentations made at internal seminars and workshops, the course modules attended and the scholarships successfully applied for. All other commitments in the Graduate School are also to be honoured. In addition, teaching activities will also be acknowledged and confirmed in writing.


The members are represented by a speaker and one or to co-speakers, who are responsible for the organization of the events.