Projects (third funding period)

Area A - optical excitation of correlated Coulomb systems
A1 Matter exposed to EUV and Free-Electron-Laser radiation
Meiwes-Broer, Redmer, Tiggesbäumker
A2 Thomson scattering and correlations in warm dense matter
A3 Correlated processes in size-selected stored clusters
Schweikhard, Marx, Meiwes-Broer
A4 Optical properties and dielectric response of strongly correlated Coulomb systems
A5 Controlled strong-field excitation of clusters and particles by shaped laser pulses
Tiggesbäumker, Meiwes-Broer
A6 Absorption, ionization and control of dense Coulomb systems in laser fields(ended)
Schlanges, Bornath
A7 The phase of the light in optically excited semiconductor structures (ended)
Stolz, Manzke
A8 Microscopic description of atomic clusters in intense laser fields
A9 Density functional theoretical description and simulation of quantum dynamics in strong laser fields
A10 How does the the local environment affect the dynamics of energy transfer in molecular aggregates?
Speller, Barke
A11 Light induced interaction of nanoparticles and molecules on surfaces
Area B - formation of correlations in radiation fields
B1 Excitonic Bose-Einstein condensates in potential traps
B2 Nonclassical light from semiconductor microcavities and quantum wells
Vogel, Stolz
B3 Excitonic clusters with strong coupling to light fields (ended)
Fehske, Stolz
B4 Possibilities and signatures of BEC in structured electron hole systems (ended)
B5 Dynamics, quantum coherence and entanglement of strongly correlated excitonic systems
B6 Radiation-induced correlations in ultracold helium droplets
B9 Dynamics of correlated excitons in molecular aggregates
B10 Laser-driven multi-exciton dynamics in molecular aggregates
B11 Dynamics of structural correlations in liquid Coulomb systems
Ludwig, Kühn, Lochbrunnner
B12 Quantum correlations of light and matter: quantification and application
B13 Preparation, characterisation and application of quantum correlations in the radiation field
B14 Nonequilibrium description of excitonic Bose-Einstein condensates in traps
Stolz, Fehkse
MGK Integrated graduate school
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