Planets M.Sc. Gilbert Grell

PhD Student

phone: 0381-498-6957
mail: gilbert.grell(at)
office: 140

research interests:
  • X-ray Spectroscopy
  • Homogeneous Photocatalytic Systems


  • R. Golnak, S. I. Bokarev, R. Seidel, J. Xiao, G. Grell, K. Atak, I. Unger, S. Thürmer, O. Kühn, B. Winter, E. F. Aziz
    Joint Analysis of Radiative and Non-Radiative Electronic Relaxation Upon X-ray Irradiation of Transition Metal Aqueous Solutions
    Scientific Reports 6, 24659 (2016) [LINK]
  • G. Grell, S. I. Bokarev, B. Winter, R. Seidel, E. F. Aziz, S. G. Aziz,
    O. Kühn
    Multi-reference approach to the calculation of photoelectron spectra including spin-orbit coupling
    Journal of Chemical Physics 143, 074104 (2015)[LINK]
  • O. S. Bokareva, G. Grell, S. I. Bokarev, O. Kühn
    Tuning Range-Separated Density Functional Theory for Photocatalytic Water Splitting Systems
    Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 11, 1700 (2015) [LINK]
  • A. Neubauer, G. Grell, A. Friedrich, S. I. Bokarev, P. Schwarzbach,
    F. Gärtner, A.-E. Surkus, H. Junge, M. Beller, O. Kühn,
    S. Lochbrunner
    Electron- and Energy-Transfer Processes in a Photocatalytic System Based on an Ir(III)-Photosensitizer and an Iron Catalyst
    Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 5, 1355 (2014) [LINK]