Planets Dipl.-Phys. Jan Schulze

PhD Student

phone: 0381-498-6954
mail: jan.schulze(at)
office: 128

research interests:
  • Exciton Dynamics


  • J. Schulze and O. Kühn
    J. Phys. Chem. B 119, 6211 (2015) [LINK]
    Explicit Correlated Exciton-Vibrational Dynamics of the FMO Complex
  • M. Schröter, S. D. Ivanov, J. Schulze, S. P. Polyutov, Y. Yan, T. Pullerits, O. Kühn
    Phys. Rep. 567, 1 (2015) [LINK]
    Exciton-Vibrational Coupling in the Dynamics and Spectroscopy of Frenkel Excitons in Molecular Aggregates
  • S. Wolter, F. Fennel, M. Schröter, J. Schulze, F. Würthner, O. Kühn, S. Lochbrunner
    Springer Proceedings in Physics: Ultrafast Phenomena XIX 162, 459 (2015) [LINK]
    S2 to S1 Relaxation Dynamics in Perylene Bisimide Dye Aggregates and Monomers
  • J. Schulze, M. Torbjörnsson, O. Kühn, and T. Pullerits
    New J. Phys. 16, 045010 (2014) [LINK]
    Exciton coupling induces vibronic hyperchromism in light-harvesting complexes
  • D. Ambrosek, A. Köhn, J. Schulze, and O. Kühn
    J. Phys. Chem. A 116, 11451 (2012) [LINK]
    Quantum Chemical Parametrization and Spectroscopic Characterization of the Frenkel Exciton Hamiltonian for a J-Aggregate Forming Perylene Bisimide Dye