High dimensional quantum dynamics: challenges and opportunities

Welcome to the website of the 5th workshop on "High dimensional quantum dynamics: challenges and opportunities" in

Rostock, Germany


August 31 - September 3, 2016

organized by the

Molecular Quantum Dynamics group at the University of Rostock

In the early days of molecular quantum dynamics the focus has been on simple low-dimensional model systems, with the hope that in future it will be possible to include a few more coordinates. However, the pace of the development both in techniques and computer power has brought us to a point, where true multidimensionality is no longer limited by the solution of the equations of motions, but by the availability of potential energy surfaces. If one can resort to model Hamiltonians, the quantum dynamics of thousands of degrees of freedom can be explored, thus approaching a regime that had been reserved for system-bath approaches. On the experimental side, new techniques are pushing the limits to an ever more detailed observation of quantum effects, but also to new domains such as electron wave packet dynamics.
Following the previous meetings in Mittelwihr (2014), Birmingham (2012), Montpellier (2008), and Leiden (2005) HDQD16 in Rostock gathered experts from the various branches of molecular quantum dynamics to discuss the state-of-the-art and the future challenges of the field. Presentations by invited speakers focussed on topics such as the determination of potential energy surfaces, vibrational, vibronic, electronic as well as reaction dynamics, charge transport across molecular heterojunctions, and Bose-Einstein condensates; for the program see here.