Environmental Physics


Project coordinator: Ashour Ahmed
Co-workers: Prasanth Babu Ganta, Lorenz Dettmann
Collaborations: Peter Leinweber (Rostock), Dirk Freese (Cottbus)

Project description

Soil is a complex heterogeneous mixture of varying fractions of organic matter, mineral particles, water, and air. The interaction of substances introduced intentionally (fertilisers) or non-intentionally (pollutants) with soil determines their fate and thus the quality of the ecosystem. Microscopic models of soil can be obtained from experimental data giving statistical distributions of molecular compositions, which can be controlled in specifically prepared samples. This provides the basis for atomistic simulations using classical molecular dynamics and electronic structure methods. The focus of our reserach is on two applications: First, the interaction of the different types of persistent organic pollutants with soil organic matter. Second, processes occuring at mineral surfaces in the presence of phosphates, organic compounds and water.

Phosphorous in Soil Persistent Organic Pollutants
picture, aspect ratio 2:1 picture, aspect ratio 2:1


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    Back Cover [LINK]
  2. A. A. Ahmed, P. Leinweber, O. Kühn
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BMBF project InnoSoilPhos
DFG project within SPP 1685 "Ecosystem Nutrition"