Ultrafast electron dynamics


Project coordinator: Sergey Bokarev
Co-workers: Huihui Wang

Project description

Rapid development of the XUV and soft X-ray ultrafast spectroscopic techniques reaching pulse duration down to attoseconds allows to prepare strong superpositions of quantum states. Such possibility opens a new perspective on the electron and spin dynamics driven by strong electron correlation and spin-orbit coupling in the core-excited electronic states. Within this project we develop a density matrix based time-dependent restricted active space configuration interaction method to track such ultrafast dynamics in open quantum systems. A particular focus is put on the possibility to use soft X-ray and XUV light to control the local magnetic (spin) momenta of transition metal centers, potentially opening up new applications in spintronics and material science.


  1. H. Wang, S. I. Bokarev, S. G. Aziz, O. Kühn
    Ultrafast spin-flip dynamics in transition metal complexes triggered by soft X-ray light
    Physical Review Letters 118, 023001 (2017) [LINK]


Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR), King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, (Grant No. D-003-435)