Completed Bachelor Projects

Lucas Kleindienst(2021)
Quantum Dynamical Simulations of the Vibronic Dynamics of a Vanadium Metal-organic Complex

Florian Zersch (2021)
Functionalization of Graphene

Felix Medwed (2021)
Exciton Dynamics in Mesoscale Systems

Patrick Staschick (2021)
Analysis and Assignment of Molecular Photoelectron Spectra

Tomas Kreißel (2021)
Molecular Photoionization Spectra With the Discrete Continuum Representation

Anne-Marie Esche (2021)
Exploring the Nature of Binding Between Nanoplastics and Soil Organic Matter by Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Erik Weilandt (2020)
Quantendynamik des Frenkel Exzitonen Transfers jenseits der Förster Näherung

Lorenz Dettmann (2018)
Ab initio molecular dynamics of P-compounds at mineral/water interfaces

Otto Geburtig (2017)
X-ray resonant inelastic scattering spectra of complex systems

Andy Kaiser (2017)
Modeling Auger spectra for simple systems

Johannes Willeke (2016)
Unravelling the Mechanism of Glyphosate Binding to a Goethite Surface: DFT based Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Ludwig Ahrens-Iwers (2015)
Exciton-Vibrational Dynamics in Light-Harvesting Complexes

Till Köster (2015)
Sampling the Wigner Function for Semiclassical Initial Value Representation Methods

Céline Gieße (2015)
Parametrization of Experimentally Obtained Spectral Densities of Light-Harvesting Complexes for Dissipative Exciton Dynamics Simulations

Chris Rehhagen (2014)
Determining the free energies and reaction mechanisms via accelerated molecular dynamics

Tobias Möhle (2014)
Theoretical Modeling of Phosphorescence Spectra of Metal Complexes

Philipp Hennig (2014)
Dynamics of Coulomb Systems

Julius Zimmermann (2014)
Treating Coulomb Singularities by Means of Bead Fourier Path Integral Techniques

Magdalene Hempel (2013)
Temperaturabhängigkeit der Exzitonendynamik in Perylenbisimid-Aggregaten
Publication in: Journal of Physics B (2017) [LINK]

Sven Karsten (2012)
Towards Precise Benchmarks for the Infrared Spectra Provided by Quasi-classical Simulations

Gilbert Grell (2012)
Theoretical Study of Elementary Processes During the Photocatalytic Water Splitting
Publication in: Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2014) [LINK]

Fabian Gottwald (2012)
Why does classical molecular dynamics yield quantum-mechanical infrared spectra?

Marco Schröter (2012)
Interne Konversion und Exzitonendynamik in molekularen Aggregaten
Publication in: Journal of Physical Chemistry A (2013) [LINK]

Jan Schulze (2011)
Exzitonendynamik in molekularen Aggregaten
Publication in: Journal of Physical Chemistry A (2012) [LINK]

Laura Tropf (2011)
Quantendynamische Simulationen ultraschneller Schalter für molekulare photonische Drähte

Robert Kemsies (2011)
Korrelierte Dynamik von Wasserstoffbrücken in kondensierter Phase

Per-Arno Plötz (2010)
Quantum Dynamics Simulations of Laser Driven Molecular Dissociation

Axel Schild (FU Berlin, 2007)
The Cell Model of a Hydrogen Molecule in a para-H2 Crystal
Publication in: Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 22, 135401 (2010) [LINK]