Completed Master Projects

Julian Schmidt (2021)
Towards Size-invariant Exciton Dynamics in Photosynthetic Systems

Lorenz Dettmann (2020)
Coarse-grained Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Nanoplastic in Soil
Publication in: RSC Advances (2021)[LINK]

Andy Kaiser (2019)
Theoretical Approach to Angular-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Nicolas Künzel (2018)
Calculations of Quantum Free Energy Differences Based on the Jarzynski Equality

Ludwig Ahrens-Iwers (2017)
First Principle Trajectory-based Propagation of Vibronic Wavepackets in Non-adiabatic Systems

Julius Zimmermann (2017)
Nuclear Dynamical Effects in Theoretical X-Ray Spectroscopy

Tobias Möhle (2017)
Finite Element Approach to Photoemission of Complex Molecules

Christoph Dettmann (2016)
Influences of thermal fluctuations on Frenkel exciton parameters of bacteriochlorophyll in solution

Marie Preuße (2015)
Can X-ray spectroscopy be a tool for studying molecular aggregates?
Publication in: Structural Dynamics (2016) [LINK]

Gilbert Grell (2015)
Theoretical Study of X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Transition Metal Complexes
Publication in: Journal of Chemical Physics (2015) [LINK]

Sven Karsten (2014)
Infrared Spectroscopy via Path Integral Techniques

Fabian Gottwald (2014)
Vibrational Spectroscopy via Generalized Langevin Dynamics: Applicability and Beyond [LINK]
Publication in: Journal of Chemical Physics (2015) [LINK], Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2015) [LINK]

Marco Schröter (2014)
Dissipative Exciton Dynamics in Light-Harvesting Complexes
Publication in: Springer Best Masters [LINK]

Jan Schulze (2014)
High-dimensional Exciton Dynamics in Photosynthetic Complexes
Publication in: Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2015) [LINK]

Per-Arno Plötz (2013)
Efficient DFT-based Calculation of Exciton Coupling in Molecular Aggregates [LINK]
Publication in: Journal of Chemical Physics (2014) [LINK]

Tobias Zentel (2012)
Nonlinear Spectroscopy Based on Classical Trajectories [LINK]

Janis Aizezers (2012)
Exciton Dynamics in Molecular Aggregates in the Presence of Exciton Annihilation
Publication in: New Journal of Physics 14, 105027 (2012) [LINK]


Heinrich Hoder (2020)
Wechselwirkung von Mikroplastik mit organischen Bodenbestandteilen

Diploma Projects

Sebastian Matera (2005)
Dissipative Vibrational Energy Redistribution in Molecular Systems